Single Double Bed (no refunds) FULL PAYMENT "Payment plans Available @ checkout"

Single Double Bed (no refunds) FULL PAYMENT "Payment plans Available @ checkout"

SKU: Single Double Bed FULL PAYM

Single Room (1 HOTEL GUEST ONLY) - All events/2 meals a day/Open Bar/Swag Bag & much more #YOLOEXCLUSIVE

  • Full disclosures Chocolate Factory NDA

    Full disclosures Chocolate Factory NDA


    Thank you for your interest in attending/becoming a member of Yolo Entertainment. Yolo Entertainment is a private members-only club catering to the social, sexual, and entertainment needs of all people. A pre-approved membership application is required to attend our private events. Membership applications are not available at the events. The purpose of the application process is to ensure that our events remain a PRIVATE MEMBERS-ONLY SOCIAL CLUB and it's not open to the general public or to those who have law violations prohibiting them from membership and admittance. 


    All applicants and attendees must be at least 21 years of age with a valid picture identification. Only approved members or invited guests will receive the secret access code to event information and locations. The Hotel Take Over event will offer a one-time membership opportunity with booking a room. Please be advised that membership and admittance to a Yolo Entertainment event is not easy to ascertain. Selected individuals will make it through our vetting process. Everyone is vetted by an advance  photograph application that consist a thorough questionnaire based on age restrictions, fit physique, discretion, sexual appeal and what one can contribute to our socially and sexually experimental playground. Our privacy rules are strictly enforced: no gossip, no photos, no trace. 

    To evaluate your interest in Yolo Entertainment and to assess if you are the right fit for our private members only club, please complete the application form below. Where applicable, please ensure your answers are as honest and detailed as possible. Applications missing any requested information will be deemed incomplete and not considered. 


    Due to the high volume of applicants, not all who apply will be granted membership. A $10.00 administrative fee is only assessed if you are selected for membership and is due upon the letter of invitation to membership. If membership fee is not paid within 48 hours of receipt of an invitation for membership, the application will be withdrawn and the applicant can re-apply for membership in 30 days. 


    Thanks in advance for considering a membership to Yolo Entertainment. Get In and Be Out. 


    Our Terms and Conditions 

    To become a member, you must read and complete the application and abide by all terms, conditions, rules, and procedures. This application serves the same purpose and function as a phone or in-person interview and it legally qualifies Yolo Entertainment as a MEMBERS-ONLY CLUB. 

    21 OR OLDER: All applicants and attendees must be at least 21 years of age with an original, current valid picture identification. No one under 21 years of age may enter or become a member of Yolo Entertainment. Everyone must show a current valid I.D. as well as current members. No exceptions. Scan/copy, or other facsimile of a Photo I.D. is not acceptable. 


    NO DRUGS, INTOXICATION, OR ILLEGAL ACTIVITIES: Drug use and intoxication are strictly prohibited at Yolo Entertainment events. We have a zero tolerance to drugs and reserve the right to search bags and clothing if we suspect this rule has been broken at any of our events. Please do not bring any forms of drugs unless prescribed by a physician to our events. No member or guest shall use, ingest, possess or distribute drugs while attending any of our events. Anyone breaking this rule will be asked to leave the event without exception. We reserve the right to permanently revoke membership for violation of these rules or at our discretion. 


    MASKS; CLOTHING, AND CELLPHONE CHECK: All members and guests are required to wear proper attire. Cologne and strong body fragrances are prohibited and you will be asked to wash them off as a condition of entry. Our events are intimate, totally-nude (underwear optional), and themed as erotic-masquerades for your discretion and privacy. Masks are allowed, but you may remove if desired; and they are available for purchase at each event. We have a clothing and cellphone check. Clothing is labeled, secured and supervised at all times. Cell phones and/or any recording devices are not permitted in the events at any time. To encourage freedom of expression and to protect the privacy of everyone, photography of any kind is strictly prohibited and grounds for immediate removal. 


    GOLDEN RULE: In order to preserve a safe and salacious environment for personal exploration, all members and guests are requested to conduct themselves with decorum, and to treat everyone with dignity and respect at all times. Consensuality is the Golden Rule at Yolo Entertainment.  This rule does not apply when entering in any BLACK OUT ROOMS. One should always ask before one touches another, regardless of gender. Politely say “No” if you don’t want the attention of another member. Also, respect the right of another member to say “No” to you. Disruptive behavior is not permitted, including fighting, violent activity, loud noises and verbal abuse. Anyone who violates this will be removed by security and banned from our events for life. There are no second chances and/or no refunds at Yolo Entertainment. Yolo Entertainment enforces everyone to respect the premises which includes the parking lots and surrounding neighborhoods. Do not loiter, consume alcohol, engage in sexual activities, dump trash or become loud in these areas.  


    PRIVACY: Privacy at Yolo Entertainment events must be respected by all employees, members, guests, participants, and performers. To participate and indulge in any private/members only events, you hereby agree as follows: (i) Agree not to disclose any identifying information of members, guests, participants, performers, and employees to the media. (ii) Agree not to use any form of photography or video recording within the premises of any events of Yolo Entertainment. (iii) Agree that you will treat everyone with respect and immediately notify security if you witness someone engaging in a non-consensual act. (iv) Acknowledge that any violation of this agreement will result in an immediate removal from Yolo Entertainment event without a refund for membership or entrance fee. (v) Refunds are not available in regards to inclement weather, facility issues, personal matters and or any other reasonings. Yolo Entertainment has a strict NO REFUND POLICY.


    SAFETY: Yolo Entertainment provides condoms in designated locations within the premises. Use of condoms is highly recommended and it's left to the discretion and choice of consenting adults. Yolo Entertainment does not tolerate activities that may result in the injury of any member, guests and staff that may cause damage to Yolo Entertainment property. Members may not carry firearms or weapons of any type onto these premises. Members can check in wallets, keys, mobile phones, personal electronic equipment and other small valuables. Yolo Entertainment is not responsible for the loss or damage of unchecked items. Members agree to hold Yolo Entertainment and its staff harmless for any loss or injury that may occur within the premises. 


    IN/OUT POLICY: It's highly advisable to have all your personal items with you upon entry. If you need to leave the location for any reason after entry, a re-entry card must be purchased. The re-entry card can be purchased from the host. The re-entry card allows for members to re-enter the club/event at no additional charge for a period of two hours after the card is issued. If you return outside that two-hour period or fail to purchase the card prior to leaving the venue, you will be required to pay the full entrance fee again.