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All Attendees Must Sign a NDA and be awarded Temporary Membership of YOLO ENT.

At YOLO’s Chocolate Factory All flavors are welcome!!! Variety is good for the Soul and the holes. 

First thing First - YES this is a Entire Hotel Take Over - It belongs to YOLO. We will act and do as YOLO does. We accept and invite all people. Lifestyle and those who are curious. Activities and events will range from mild to extreme. Yolo really doesn’t have limits; you may have them, but Yolo will push those limits.

The hotel does provide shuttle service from Palm Beach International (PBI) free of charge.

The hotel is 45mins from Ft Lauderdale Airport.

There are nearby outlets within a 5 min drive to explore and take a break from hotel activities if desired.

If you are homophobic in any form, DON'T BOOK. If you are Racist in any form, DON'T BOOK. If you refuse to SIGN NDA’s, DON’T BOOK.

Yolo's Chocolate Factory is a 3-day fun filled clothing optional event!


If desired, Play All day in any of our themed playrooms.

Enjoy Breakfast & Dinner on us along with alcoholic beverages throughout the day. There will be fun activities for guests staying at the host hotel daily.

Guest Day/Night passes only allow guest to participate in playroom activities and Non YOLO exclusive events.

Thank you for visiting YOLO’s Chocolate Factory. Are YOU ready to start your YOLO experience? Not all events are displayed due to YOLO'S privacy rules but we promise there will be more fun than you can imagine #YOLOEXCLUSIVE

Look for hints of events using #yoloexclusive

#naked&NotAfraidPoolParty #yoloexclusives #6Playrooms #Vendors #medicalstaff #foodtrucks #bucketlist #eyecandy

CHECK BOOKING SITE FOR MORE INFO. Hope to see you there!
Email us here with questions.

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